40 girls are chosen for this very unique project. An entrance registration is required as a once-off payment of 60 000. In return, you receive a Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa  T.shirt and cap, your prop which is a flag. You will train daily and be on TV radio and all our social platforms.  End of every month you pay 20 000 shillings. Once you have graduated in this art, you will receive an in-house certificate.    You will pay for 3 months 20 000 shillings per month then no payment is required thereafter.  You will not be paid to train and perform. You will receive free training uniform props. The uniform and props remain Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa property. You will be required to bring a letter from your parents giving permission.  A meeting will be held with yourselves and your parents and Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa staff. NEVER PAY ANYONE BUT AT THE OFFICE OF WAKATI WAKO KWA SASA. Venue for training will be advised. You will be auditioned for a leader, sub-leader, and squad member. This is a very unique privilege. Girls that enter must have good morals and standards.