Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa has the following competitions

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Belly Dance

40 girls will be chosen, this wonderful art is going to be taught to you.   Certification will be awarded,  trophies and you will be on TV, radio and on all our social platforms.  The registration fee is 25 000 shillings. Lessons will be provided daily and girls will be chosen for the opening event to perform.  Your parents will be required to meet with me and give me a letter of permission. Click here to download the registration form.

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Mr. & Miss. Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa

A single male or female who is aged between 18 to 27 years old, with talent, good morals and standards, and fluently in English and Swahili. Who is very well-spoken as well as non-smoker and drinker are needed for this competition

A winner will appear on all of our social media platforms and TV, get international attention and exposure to the VIP lounge of our company, where they will meet other ambassadors and top influential people. Sponsored in clothing range and shoes or brand for one year. Click here to download the registration form.

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Fashion Design

Are you an upcoming fashion designer? We are looking for our own designers, the winner will receive an employment contract, remuneration prizes to be won, a full acknowledgment will be awarded, all participants will be placed on our social platform and on TV and radio. To compete you are required to set up the following sections.

Beachwear adults and children. Swimming costumes and clothing ideally for tourists.

Evening wear for ladies.

You will carry the cost of your own design.  You will be required to get modules to show off your designs. A fashion shoot will be held dates and venue will be provided.  There will be top VIPs sponsors and government officials present at this opening Garla.  No nudity. This project will receive international attention.  I am looking for comfort and something unique.

The winner will be mentored and job shadow under a company that will sponsor your training to achieve the end results you deserve. Click here to download the registration form.


Upcoming Musician

We are looking for talented people that can compose a theme song for Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa.  The song must be In  English and Swahili or just English.  Must have the lyrics Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa.  Cash prices are to be won, recording studio time SPONSORED.  Royalties paid for the winner’s song. All applicants will be placed on our social platforms.  TV and radio coverage.  My aim is to attract international attention and give upcoming artists the platform to showcase their talent.  You could be the winner and have your own CD, just imagine that. A CD will be cut off not only the winner but runners-up and royalties paid to you. The attention you will receive could give you the break in life you are looking for.  Click here to download the registration form.


Drum Majorettes

40 girls are chosen for this very unique project. An entrance registration is required as a once-off payment of 25 000. You will train daily and be on TV radio and all our social platforms.  Once you have graduated in this art, you will receive an in-house certificate.  You will not be paid to train and perform. The uniform and props remain Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa property. You will be required to bring a letter from your parents giving permission.  A meeting will be held with yourselves and your parents and Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa staff. NEVER PAY ANYONE BUT AT THE OFFICE OF WAKATI WAKO KWA SASA. Venue for training will be advised. You will be auditioned for a leader, sub-leader, and squad member. This is a very unique privilege. Girls that enter must have good morals and standards.  Click here to download the registration form.


Mirror mirror on the wall

Applicants have a picture taken of them with no accessories no make up no hair no fancy clothing.  Then they get a sponsor to do a total make-over. The winner wears our branded clothing line and appears live on stage showing the make-over. A large picture is shown to the audience via a projector then the crowd calls out,  mirror mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all. Or for males, who’s the hunk of them all. The make-over walks out. The winner is announced online and the sponsors are also announced on the night introduced and on social media too. Each month we have a picture of the winner’s front page on our online magazine before and after. Pictures of them modeling our branded clothing line, all done by a professional photographer. Give them a complete photo shoot for free, all social media platforms and TV. Set up a section called the face of tomorrow. They module our clothing is every event and receive our branded clothing, full media coverage, professional photoshoot with all pictures. Travel allowance,possibility of an employment contract. Click here to download the registration form.

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Storytime and poet

This is an opportunity for talented poets to tell a story of their life. Criteria must have the words Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa, English, and Swahili. Or just English. It can be solo, duet, group, live performance. No age restriction, No swearing, vulgar behavior. Prizes are cash, tv radio coverage, press conference opportunity, and applicants appear on all our social media. Click here to download the registration form.

pre school competition

Pre School Competition

Compose a kiddies song using the lyrics Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa must be in English and Swahili language, the song must be 2 minutes long. Children must wear our Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa t-shirts and caps. Children under 6 years, may join. The school must join and the kiddies fall under the school’s name.

The prize is a CD cut of the top winners. Royalties are paid to the winning school of the sales. The teacher must escort her pupils on stage.  Parents must give written consent and permission for children to place on all our social platforms and TV.

Children and schools receive full positive attention on all our social platforms.  The kids go onto our online magazine. Entrance fee is buy the Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa t.shirt and cap.  registration fee.

Click here to download the registration form.

Church gospel choir competition

Church gospel choir competition

Compose a gospel song with lyrics Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa.  The song must be in English and Swahili or just English.  I am looking for a church choir, duet, and solo gospel songs. CHURCH ALL AGES ARE WELCOME

Click here to download the choir registration form.

Click here to download the duet choir member registration form.

Click here to download the solo choir artist registration form.

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