Pre school competitions

Compose a kiddies song using the lyrics Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa must be in English and home language Song 2 minutes long Children must wear our Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa t-shirts and caps. Children under 6 years, may join. The school must join and the kiddies fall under the school’s name. The prize is a […]

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Drum Majorretes

Girls will be chosen to train in this 1st time sports in Tanzania, leaders, sub leaders, and a squad is trained to perform in competitions. This sport is internationally recognized and at the Olympics.

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Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa

Your Moment in Time is a platform for upcoming artists. This platform does not look for perfectionists but it looks for talent and those people who have the potential. We create a springboard for new artists by offering different segments. We create a platform for talents, job opportunities, attraction and recognition from the international communities. […]

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