Who We Are

Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa, Your Moment in Time is a platform for upcoming artists. This platform does not look for perfectionists but it looks for talent and those people who have the potential. We create a springboard for new artists by offering different segments.

We create a platform for talents, job opportunities, attraction, and recognition from the international communities.  We appreciate talent and create individual brands from the talents via our niche market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to welcome people to have their Moment in Time, not to live in their fear of rejection but rather live their dream. We also aim to get international recognition, our events to be televised on different radio and TV stations. Invite achieved artists to help in mentorship and skills to the upcoming artists, encourage sponsors to participate since we will put them in all our social media sites and online magazine. Create job opportunities and revenue.

Our Mission

Our mission statements outlines what our company is at present. It details on how we will get to where we want it to be. It mentions the purpose and our primary objectives.

We create a springboard for new artists by offering the following segments:

The theme song for Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa challenge, Solo dancing, Group dancing, comedians, storytime poetry with sound effects(life story), Fashion and designer section, Theater show called African Tale for High Season in Zanzibar, pre school Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa mentorship programs, Agency for talent cooperate events, parties Christmas, help the needy children.

Our Value

These are the values that will guide and govern the process and activities towards our Mission.

  1. Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa theme song. Opening event in July, Registration open NOW.
  2.  Applicants will be provided with the opportunity to present their talent on our platforms without the fear of negative embarrassing comments. Judges will be there to encourage and guide and support. No elimination will be done at the event only online on our magazine, creating great traffic to our platforms. Every applicant will enjoy the attention on our sites, possible TV and radio interviews, and international attention. Every applicant will be able to make a wish. YOUR wish is my command segment will encourage sponsors internationally too.
  3. The events welcomes all.
  4. There will be branded clothing line fashion and design competition.
  5. Tickets will also be sold to the public to support the live event, where dates, time and venues in Dar es salaam will follow.
  6. A percentage of tickets sales registration and sales of clothing line will be donated to the needy.
  7. Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa has a unique section called your wish is my command. Remember the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp. Every applicant gets 2 minutes to have his/ her MOMENT in TIME, then 1 minute for judges to comment, during this time the applicant will put out their wish to the world to hear. Just maybe there is a magic genie somewhere that will grant their wish. The wish will be posted with a picture of the artists and a write-up. Some artists will have the advantage to be Interviewed on TV and on the air, discussing their talent. So a very positive platform is created for artists to perform from. Our online magazine will attract paying advertising space, lots of traffic by applicants, family and fans.

Our Goal

  1. To create job opportunities.
  2. To create an agency for the public to higher talent at cooperate events, birthdays, weddings etc.
  3. To create International attention for upcoming artists to be recognized.
  4. Create mentorship and skills workshops, inviting achieved artists to help upcoming artists.
  5. Give small business people the opportunity of advertising, good marketing strategy, sponsor makeover, this will give acknowledgment and help increase business opportunities.
  6. Encourage sponsors to participate because of advertising on our social media sites and online magazine.
  7. Selling advertising space to create revenue.
  8. Create a theater show for tourists in high season for job opportunities, revenue, and international attention. In the show An African Tale, the aim is to allow the dreamer an opportunity.
  9. Have workshops with mentorship and achieved business people sharing and advising the youth.
  10. Training managers to take over my Drum Majorettes Belly dancing art, passing on my talent and knowledge, job shadowing.
  11. Have Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa Pre School, the most important part of a child’s life is birth to 6 years of age, create the right platform, introducing Montessori as part of the syllabuses, grace, and curiosity, English language.
  12. Invite churches to participate also, to have a gospel choir song for Wakati Wako Kwa Sasa. Single singers are also welcomed to participate in the creation of the songs.
  13. Have praise and worship from different churches to encourage good morals and standards for our upcoming youth.
  14. To have upcoming fashion designers for our branded clothing line.
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